Raging Deer
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Joe, Nick, Hedgey
Enemies Kelly

Anthony, labeled The Animal Lover of the group, is a current contestant in Maplestory Total Drama Island on the Raging Deer team.

Maplestory Total Drama Island Edit

In Welcome to Camp Salpokokin, Anthony arrives on the boat to Camp Salpokokin, and asks Miss Shannon if he can "have his money now", to which Miss Shannon replies "Ha, keep dreaming, boy!"

In Camp Idol, Anthony keeps track of which songs the chosen campers are going to sing.

In Gone Fishing, Anthony helps his team with the first challenge when he started a fire, to which the other campers added to by throwing in extra wood, grass, and bugs in. However, Katie won the first challenge for the Bunnies when she threw a book of matches into the fire from high up in the air to make huge impact on the fire. In the second part of the challenge, Anthony is one camper chosen for the fishing challenge, however, catches no fish on account of finding a porcupine that he made friends with and was to distracted on teaching him to do tricks to find any fish. Kelly yells at Anthony, telling him that "[she] could guarantee that [Anthony] will be voted off if [they] lose", to which Anthony replies "someone has anger management problems", which quickly angers Kelly. In the third part of the challenge, Anthony gets distracted when he finds a fish in the oatmeal, and Kelly once again gets mad at him.

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