Maplestory Total Drama Island (MTDI for short) is the first season of the Maplestory Drama Island Youtube series. It is based off of the first season of the show Total Drama Island. MudkipKing, the creator, only released two episodes and two parts of the next one; shortly afterward, he removed the episodes from YouTube and ended the series. However, the series will be followed up by Maple Drama Island.

Plot Edit

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MTDI is about twenty-two teenagers that come to an old summer camp called Camp Salpokokin. Every three days, Miss Shannon, their host, will give them a new challenge. The two teams, the Raging Deer and Rabid Bunnies, must compete against each other in the challenges to win rewards. The winning team receives a reward, while the losing team must vote a camper off the island for good. The last camper standing will receive a year's supply of marshmallows, a tabloid of fame, and a check for one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).

Characters Edit

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Similarites and Differences Edit

Although there are a lot of similarites between Total Drama Island and Maplestory Total Drama Island, there are also some differences.

Similarities Edit

  • Twenty-two campers arrive at a summer camp and compete in challenges for rewards.
  • Campers receive marshmallows at the Campfire Ceremony.
  • Campers get voted off.
  • The last camper standing wins a check for $100,000 and a tabloid of fame.
  • There is an episode where the campers have to face their worst fears.

Differences Edit

  • The campers are different.
  • The winner of MTDI also receives a lifetime supply of marshmallow.
  • The camps have different names.
  • (Maple Drama Island Only) - Each camper voted off receives a consolation prize of the rank they were voted off x $10

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